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The Benefits of Building Log Homes in Idaho


Although a lot of people think log cabins belong to the yesteryears, they are definitely making a comeback. Traditional log cabin homes have many benefits over modern homes, and more and more people who are looking for highly sustainable homes are building them. Here are some of the top reasons to build a log home in Idaho.


Trees are Renewable Resource


Because trees are a renewable resource, log and timber homes are a sustainable option for home building. When your house is built from solid logs, you are essentially taking the carbon contained in those logs out of environmental circulation throughout the entire life of the home. Furthermore, some log and timber home builders harvest standing dead timber (which were gotten to by pests and insects) or buy logs from sources that are certified as sustainable. Some Log Home Builders Flathead Lake are building log and timber homes which comply with green building standards too.


Log Homes Are Safer During a Storm


Trees can withstand stormy weather; no tree would live very long if it couldn't weather harsh wind and rain. In the same vein, homes that are built from logs are strong enough to withstand storms. Although other types of homes are vulnerable to hurricanes and tornados, log cabins are made to withstand even the worst damage. Some log cabins have even been known to survive damage from trees and debris falling on them during strong storms. To learn more about log cabins, visit this website at


Log Homes Have Character


Every log home has a personality. From even and slim full scribe cabins, to wider and funky wood post-and-beam homes, each home has its story. Owing to the fact that each log is handpicked and chosen for the home, you can easily know the type of character you want in your home and where. Traditional homes will make use of similar type of materials for every home; but for timber homes, you can choose the kind of character you want to have be reflected in its construction.


Log Homes Do Not Need Costly Ventilation Systems


There is no need to install a costly ventilation or air conditioning system in a log home. A log home 'breathes', which means that ventilation takes place naturally through the timber walls. You will never have the feeling that the air is too dry and stuffy in a log home, which is typically true for brick houses during winter. You will also not have to worry about the excess moisture in a log home when it rains heavily. This is because timber creates a perfect moisture balance in Log Homes Sandpoint.